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Aspiring for Excellence - the 4 C's™


Above is the educational method for programs at Thunder Eagle Ridge called the 4 C's™.

Our educational method is based on the following ideas:

At Thunder Eagle Ridge programming is built on a foundation of learning through practical application of relationship principles and dynamics.  Engaging participants in experiential learning around the camp's four subject areas, together they practice tools and methods that promote healthy and productive interaction and instill in them qualities that will lead to their ability to find real life solutions. After camp, participants will be empowered to go into the world, and by applying these methods in all areas of life - personal, interpersonal, educational, community and business, they will have the ability not only utilize them in their interactions but, inspire everyone they work with to move away from debate and gridlock to universal participation, social action and progress.  These relationship principles and dynamics come from our educational method built on the 4 C's.

The 4 C's begin with CARE.  When we can look at all people simply as human beings first, with no preconceived ideas or labels, we can care about each other.  Unless we care, we will not act.  In a world that each day is becoming smaller, we need to be able to live and work together in a healthy way.  When we care about one another as human beings first, we then can begin to have CONCERN for the welfare of all people. At Thunder Eagle Ridge we believe at the core of every human being, this is really our natural way to be and act.

When we care and have concern, we naturally begin to manifest a desire to want to be of service to others and to make the world a better place.  This is especially true of our youth.  When given an opportunity to be heard and the resources and support to engage in the greater society, youth will lead the world.

When we want to be of service, it may be necessary to CONSULT with others to determine what the needs are and how to execute our service.Through a specific method of consultation, where two or more people share individual knowledge, express their unique ideas and opinions as a gift and let go of their ideas and opinions once they are given, each idea and opinion simply becomes part of all the ideas to consider that will bring about the ultimate vehicle for the service. Instead of debate or insisting on one way to do something, this method of consultation is a way to gain knowledge from all participants and through that collective knowledge come to a consensus and formulate a plan of action towards a solution.

This method of consultation is a valuable, lifelong skill which participants will gain at camp. When they leave camp, they can share this way with others in a variety of circumstances to accomplish many things. It leads to progress and success, rather than division and stagnation. We believe all things are possible through consultation when utilized in a healthy way. Anyone who wants to be of service can use consultation to make goals and accomplish them - anything from improving family life, to a neighborhood, a city, a country and eventually the world.

When, through consultation, we come to a point of agreement and a plan of action, we can begin to COLLABORATE to fulfill a common goal or desired outcome. Collaborating is simply to work with others towards a goal.

REFLECTION is a time of quiet contemplation alone or in a group. Reflection is also a very important skill and a vital aspect in the health and well-being of an individual and community. Once reflection has taken place, it gives an individual and/or a group the ability to assess actions - what was healthy and what might have been unhealthy - what worked and didn't work.  Through reflection individuals and groups can gain invaluable knowledge to begin again, constantly building on the positive. Reflection can be utilized in all areas of individual and collective life.

Once reflection has occurred and new inspiration has come, this process simply begins again.

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