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Educational Model



At Thunder Eagle Ridge there is no box to fit in, there is no box to think outside of and a new box isn't being created.  Instead, what is being created is an inclusive, all encompassing circle.  All are welcomed into the circle and, in fact, if anyone is left out, the full potential of the circle may not be realized.  This circle thrives and functions in a healthy way when everyone contributes their unique purpose and potential through inspiration.  When utilized and connected with others' potential, this creates wonderful and positive results!

The foundation of all our activities is a program called Circle Walk.

Circle Walk is a way of being that binds and connects human beings in a safe and secure environment, establishes trust, safety, and acceptance.  The Circle Walk encompasses all aspects of the camp.  We all "walk" together (even if we are sitting!) and all are honored and cherished for the essential value we bring to the circle.  The focus of the Circle Walk is to affirm the nobility and purpose of every member.

In the greater world, we all are part of multiple interlocking circles - circles we "walk" in everyday.  These circles are our relationships - from family, to community, to nation, expanding out to the entire world.  Each of us contributes to the health and well being of these circles by continually striving to be the best we can be.  At camp, through the Circle Walk, we walk together, side by side, accepting of our commonalities as well as our perceived differences - getting to the core and working our way to a place of understanding and common ground.

The intended outcome of this program and all programming at Thunder Eagle Ridge is that our participants will have the desire to take the positive and healthy aspects of what they already know and what they have discovered and continue this walk in their daily lives.  Thunder Eagle Ridge hopes to create a ripple effect by encouraging our participants to act - go out into the world, honor all and, through their example and service, contribute to the building of an ever healthier society.

Relationship with all things
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